Box O Zombies – A Review by Mr Bob’s Builds and more!

Check out the latest review from Mr Bob’s Builds. We have customers all over the world but recently, there has been a higher demand from the UK as well as many custom paint jobs. Mr. Bob breaks it down for us.

Additional Paints from other customers in the UK

Lunch Lady Front
Painted by Lewis Jones from the UK

Lunch Lady Back
Painted by Lewis Jones from the UK

Modified Baldie Zombie into soldier
Painted by Lewis Jones from the UK

School Girl Front
Painted by Lewis Jones from the UK

School Girl Back
Painted by Lewis Jones from the UK

Box O Zombies in other Art Projects
built “Hand Painted Terra Cotta Zombie Night Lights” using Box O Zombies. Who knew zombies we so versatile

Zombie Night Light 1

Zombie Night Light 2

Zombie Night Light 3

Send us your reviews or what you did with Box O Zombies and we will show case it here!


BoZ Dev Diary Entry V – Animation, I.O.U and UI

Box O Zombies animation ui

(The UI was developed by Megan and I through a never ending series of iteration. Something to be expected if we want to get it to function and feel right.)

The first playable demo is rapidly approaching. In a little over a month Creative Proximity and Box O Zombies look to reveal a peek at what is to be expected of the Box O Zombie game. The demo will also provide an opportunity for the art team to review how things are or are not working together visually. The biggest issue thus far is making sure that assets stand out against the ground texture.

Although measures were put in place to avoid visibility issues it turns out more needs to be done. A lot of this is due to the wide range of the camera. The player can zoom out quite a bit. This leads to a loss the simple block detail used in pixel art. There will be some touch ups as well as VFX tricks that will need to be implemented. It is very difficult to let some things go but it is important to create reminders that there will be time for it later and prioritize. I keep notes of issues and potential solutions. An I.O.U to any testers and the art team itself. We will pay back what we owe to the game before it fully ships.

The UI

As an artist I primarily focus on character, props and more recently environments. I greatly appreciate sleek UI design, but working on it can be a tedious process. For starters it is tricky business. The UI needs to sync with the game and when the visuals of the game slowly evolve with the update process it leads to a lot of iteration. The design at this stage has gone through various adjustments and changes. The UI is directly linked to function dictated by design, so that piles on more iterations and adjustments.

In addition, I also have moved to working on animation, icons and miscellaneous environment and clean up tasks. It is a rough road with small development and sometimes to many gear shifts can take it’s toll on the creative process. Early on I could focus primarily on the characters and overall art direction. Now that we are in a semi-crunch, it is more direction and even more production. Early on I felt like Dr. Octopus with the great art team working as extra arms. Now Dr. Octopus doesn’t have quite enough arms to keep Peter Parker from another mid-fight, sassy quote. SHUT UP ALREADY SPIDERMAN!

The Animation

Pushing Pixels: Pixel characters

(The animation team now consist of Eddie Einikis, Sarah Harkey the mid production addition and myself. Unfortunately Vicky Kao took a break to pursue opportunities in comics, her work has been greatly appreciated. The Sprites in this post are a mixture of all our work.)

This is one area that was daunting early on. Animation, especially in isometric, ESPECIALLY with pixel art, is another area of tedium for some. Luckily, the team has picked up to pixel painting quite well. When sitting down to plan production I was concerned with the level of animations requested with the time and small team we had. There was a good amount of dissection and clever production shortcuts that helped make the schedule more reasonable. Solid production techniques, and prioritizing has also been very important. It also helps that although small, the team I work with is very talented. It also helped that despite my experience in certain areas, I overlooked a simple technique shown to be by Larry Pixel of the awesome Moon Intern team (

Animation Demo Pixel Art Box O Zombies

(As the case with many tasks, with time production runs smoother and more quickly. The key is not just improvement through repetition but properly utilizing new techniques, hot key’s and time management. I am very happy with the consistency in look from artist to artist through it all.)

So fast forward a bit to present time and we are in a really good place as far as delivering animations for the demo. There will be a significant amount of fixes and improvements I would like to see that will really push the sense style. For this deadline, we have some solid work keeping the spot in the code warm. Sarah, Eddie and I have been churning out sprite sheets, bringing each character to life.
The next Dev Diary will be the last! It will be a brief overview of the production and feature a look back at the game’s Style Guide. It will be interesting to see the comparison. It also could be very uninteresting. We shall see.
Anthony Sixto, Art Director

Thanks for Having Us, Chicago Experimental Game Developers

Thanks to everyone that made it out to Cibola in the heavy traffic and rain last Friday. Check out some photos of the event on the Meetup Page.

Until someone posts the video from the event, check out this demo of the NFC Touchstone working with the 3D printed SLA for Nathaniel Tinkerton.

Patrick, from Patched Reality sparked a lot buzz and interest in Augmented Reality. We got to see some great examples of games that already use augmented reality technology, many of which he created himself, as well as discussed the future of augmented reality and gaming. He even had a pair of augmented reality glasses that looked much like Google Glass.

Kent and Shawn got up there and shared with the group their history and showed the few trailers available for the other NFC games out on the market, Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Another game that was recently announced to use the NFC in the WiiU controller, is Pokémon Rumble U.

And now to talk about Box O Zombies the game. Box O Zombies is a tower defense and civilization building game for iOS. NFC connectible collectible figures can be purchased separately that are replicas of characters in the game. These figures, when used with the Touchstone, will unlock abilities, power-ups, resources and more with the power of NFC. Kent demos, for the first time anywhere, the white SLA figures with NFC chips. It interacts with the Touchstone and unlocks Nathaniel Tinkerton in the game, as shown by the animation on the iPad.

Showing this to a group of Chicago game developers, we are excited to see the interest of others who want to integrate NFC into their own games. The details aren’t solid yet, but the Touchstone

NFC device will be available for use with other games outside of those that Creative Proximity makes themselves, enabling NFC for all!

NFC touchstone bluetooth device and 3 zombie 3d printed sla figures non painted white


I Saw Mommy Biting Santa Claus

Looks like Santa went down the wrong chimney this holiday. Check out this Zombified Santa created by the Box O Zombies team. This creepy Mr. Claus will be a full flesh figure with in-game content and is available through pledging the Box O Zombies game on Kickstarter.

The Box O Zombies game began with Shawn Recinto’s Box O Zombies figures. Recinto was influenced by his own children’s toys to create 2 inch Zombie figures that resonate the little green army men we all enjoy. He is now collaborating with Eight Bit Studios, NFC Data, and Pixeldom to create the Box O Zombies game. The game evolves around the player building and defending his camp from Zombie hoards. With NFC chip technology, the Zombie Santa and other figures will trigger exclusive in-game content with a simple scan.

Pledge today on Kickstarter!

Seasons Eatings,
The Box O Zombies Team
Undead Box O Zombies Santa Figure Concept Art

Undead Santa Concept Art from Anthony Sixto

Undead Zombie Santa 3D Model WIP for limited edition figure in red

Undead Santa 3D model for NFC Figure, WIP from Ryan Blake



Box-O-Zombies the iOS Game Kickstarter is LIVE!

Rebuild your own city after the zombie apocalypse and defend it from the roaming hordes of undead. Unlock new content with zombie toys!

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If you want to help support us other then pledging, please just help us spread the word about the Kickstarter. We really want to make the best experience for everyone and reaching our goal will make that happen.

Here are some sample tweets:

When the #Zombie outbreak happens, how will you rebuild your Zivilization? Check @BoxoZombies iOS Game Kickstarter

Does this look infected? Get an awesome “Zombie Thumb” drive full of @BoxOZombies  Game Media during their Kickstarter

#Chicago #Gamers Unite! Check out this Zombie Kickstarter project from @BoxOZombies to debuet at @C2E2 2013!

Civilization Building/Tower Defense #iOS #Indie Game Kickstarter w/ gruesome Collectible Zombie Figures!

The shortened Kickstarter Share URL:

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Top tiers backers will actually become “one of them,” complete with figure and storyline.

The Box-O-Zombies (BoZ) game for iOS allows players to build and defend their own Zivilization™ in this world building and tower defense game that follows a post apocalyptic story of a man and his dog on their journey to discover who they are, what happened to the world around them, and how to fix it. While the game can be played entirely on an iPad without needing the figures, Kickstarter will help fund the creation of packs of collectible, serialized figures that will appear on your iOS device using the NFC reader (“The Puck”) that connects via Bluetooth. Backers can become one of these figures themselves that unlock exclusive in-game content, by pledging at the top tiers.

Game Summary
They say it fell from the sky.  A box of untold wonders, small yet immense, immovable despite its etherial qualities.  The world changed in the years to follow, and a city seemed to sprout up as though it happened overnight.  An explosion of technology and science, largely kept hidden from the rest of the world, started to trickle out like mana from the gods.  They say it led to the fall of mankind…you’ll just have to take their word for it.

With no memory of who you are or how you got lost in the woods you’ll embark on a journey of discovery as you and your talking dog make sense of the zombie filled wasteland of humanity.  You’ll meet people with answers, some more forthcoming that others, who will aid you in your quest to find the truth as well as helping you to rebuild and defend your new home.  Working with other survivors, you’ll work to rebuild a Zivilation of your own using skills and tools left over from a previous life.
How you build and how you defend is up to you.  Will your new Zivilization survive long enough for you to get the answers you so desperately need?  Or will the sea of the undead wash over your walls? Start your journey in April of 2013 and find out for yourself.
The Collectibles
The highly detailed collectible Zombie figures are modeled by Chicago artist Ryan Blake, each figure will have a unique serial number and will allow you to put your figures, quite literally, into the game. The original Box-O-Zombies set has been available since 2011 and currently available for sale on online and in some small brick and mortar locations, these figures do not have any interactive functionality.
The Technology
NFC (Near Field Communication) allows electronic tags to communicate (read and write data) with an NFC compatible device. NFC tags can store encrypted information in the collectible zombie toys that will unlock exclusive features in the game that will be tied to your account.
Social Rewards
You will be able to purchase in-game items as you can with similar games in this genre with real money. Special characters, items, time saving tools, etc. The difference is that you will never have to pay real money for these items if you don’t want to, and can buy them with social currency instead. You can earn Pixels (Pixeldom’s universal online social currency) by preforming social tasks both in and outside of the Box-O-Zombies game.
The Team
Chicago companies; Immersive Realms, Pixeldom, and Eight Bit Studios, have partnered to develop the Box-O-Zombies game for iOS. Immersive Realms brings management, artists and the Box-O-Zombies intellectual property to the project. Eight Bit Studios is an independent interactive and mobile development studio that will bring senior level talent to the coding and backend for the game. Pixeldom will be providing the social reward systems and in-game currency. The team of artists that Immersive Realms has put together will be spotlighted throughout the Kickstarter campaign and some of their bios can be found here.