Game Mechanics

We may be three different companies, but we all love games. We want to combine a lot of elements of games we love and the different technologies we’ve created in a way that is both fun and challenging. Our goal is to make a game that is fun first and foremost.

  • Building


    Can you guide civilization through its darkest hour? Build your own post apocalyptic community! Build, upgrade and plan a community of survivors in the hopes of rebuilding the world as you see fit.

    • Manage your time wisely while making sure to collect the resources you need.
    • Plan for the future, you never know when the next zombie hoard will come knocking.
    • Upgrade your structures, don’t lose the future because you’re stuck in the past.
    • Choose the right people: when resources are scarce, not everyone is worth saving.
  • Exploration


    Venture into the dangerous unknown to uncover new buildings, new abilities, and answers to the mysteries surrounding “the box”.

    • Find new resources to help you build the town of tomorrow.
    • Unlock new territories to grow your community and further your quest to uncover the secrets of your past.
  • Combat


    Battle your way through the zombie infested wastelands in an effort to expand your control and re-establish humanity’s rightful place as masters of their domain.

    • Gain control of newly discovered areas by cleaning out the zombie swarms.
    • Defend against zombie herds moving through the desolate wasteland.
    • Battle rival encampments that want what isn’t theirs*.
  • Social Engagement and Rewards


    Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean you’re alone. Share your world with your friends to compare cities and trade valuable resources and earn rewards just for playing!

    • View your friends city, swap notes, share stories, brag about who’s town is better.
    • Trade resources. If you can’t learn to live together you’ll die alone.
    • Earn rewards both in and out of the game just for sharing your progress with the world.
  • Real World Interaction


    Box O Zombies isn’t just a clever name. Get your own real Box O Zombies!

    • Unlock exclusive in game content (Buildings, zombies, bonus resources and in game currency).
    • Show your collectibles to your friends and with the world.
    • Real world zombie survival drop points help you plan for the real Zombie Apocalypse.

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