Get the First look at Box O Zombies the Game

Augmented Reality in Video Games, Box-O-Zombies and More!

Friday, March 15, 2013
5:45 PM To 8:45 PM

1647 South Blue Island, Chicago, IL

We would like to thank the Chicago Experimental Game Developement Meetup Group for inviting us to present tomorrow at one of Chicago’s newest innovation centers, Cibola. We will be sharing the spotlight with Patrick O’Shaughnessey from Patched Reality, Inc who will be talking about Augmented Reality.

At the event Shawn and Kent will be discussing the history of Box O Zombies, their backgrounds in game development, and the transition to their joint venture, Creative Proximity (Immersive Realms, Eightbit Studios, and Pixeldom). They will also be showing off the newest build of the game with working NFC interactivity and discussing the trials and tribulations that have gone along with creating of these new figures and their integration with the game mechanics on the road to their debut that will be at C2E2 next month!

Creative Proximity is a pioneer in the video game industry, dedicated to making the digital gaming world a better place to play. Our goal is to deliver high quality, compelling mobile games that are entertaining, immersive, and enhanced by real world interaction.

Box O Zombies the game will showcase how smaller developers will be able to delve into the world of NFC gaming just like just like those of bigger properties such as Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and newest talk of utilizing the WiiU’s NFC capabilities, Pokémon. With an independent intellectual property like Shawn’s Box O Zombies, it’s the perfect example of taking one man’s local creation and bringing it, literally, into the digital world to share the vision and backstory of these figures in a way that could never be done through static plastic.

We will be giving away series one Boxes of Zombies to Meetup attendees, so get their early as they will be first come first serve. Make sure to RSVP, or just join the CEGD Meetup Group for future events.

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