Meet the Box-O-Zombies Game, Team

My name is Amanda, I’m new here on the Box-O-Zombies team and you will be seeing some posts from me on site from time to time under the name amandaveronica.

I wanted to introduce some of the team to you so that you can get a feel for the real people who are working very hard and passionately on the Box-O-Zombies game. You may find we have a lot in common, and we’d really like you to know that we’re not just working on this as a job, it’s a creative collaboration made from like minds.

First here’s a video from our last meeting. Some of us spend more time thinking about zombies than others (one can only take so much zombie at any given time before going nuts) but we all spend most of our time thinking about how to make this experience the best possible one for gamers.

And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out our Kickstarter with a new $10 Pledge Level that gets you a limited edition Zombie Santa Figure!

Tim Lyons Game Designer./writer portraitSHAWN RECINTO – CEO of Box O Zombies

About: I was born in Chicago in 197… too far back?  Ok, I’m a Technology Consultant and Entrepreneur who loves video games and martial arts.   I started Immersive Realms back in 2004 and was inspired by my kids to make Box O Zombies back in 2010
Favorite Scary Movie: I have two:  The Changeling and Poltergeist (I wet my pants just thinking about that bathtub scene and the wheelchair at the top of the stairs in The Changeling)
Favorite Video Game: The Quest For Glory Series
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: A Katana because lopping off undead heads looks like its fun
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: A Red shirt from the original Star Trek series so I can throw them at the zombie horde to slow them down as I make my getaway 


Tim Lyons Game Designer./writer portraitTIM LYONS – Lead Designer

About: Tim is a video editor and motion graphics artist. He does improv all around the city of Chicago and is very much interested in the softer side of zombies, by which we mean where the best place to slice them open may be. He also enjoys sitting in dark theaters, going down hill, and peanut butter.
Favorite Scary Movie: Carnival of Souls (Classic), Insidious (Modern)
Favorite Video Game: Half-Life 2
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: Glamdring, Sword of Gandalf the Grey
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: Stone Cold Steve Austin


Kent Mages Game Designer/writer portraitKENT MAGES – Lead Designer

About: I had dreams of building a game while in the Game Design program at Columbia College, and I’m finally getting that chance. I’ve worked in the tech space for the past 8 years, but my love of tech and geek goes back to my childhood. I’ve worked in online payments, mobile application development and I’m an avid gamer and movie fanatic.
Favorite Scary Movie: Event Horizon
Favorite Video Game: Halo
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: Aluminum baseball bat, just swing for the fences.
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: Superman, unless we find out zombie goo contains kryptonite…


Tim Lyons Game Designer./writer portraitMEGAN TEDOR – UI/Environment Artist

About: Another Columbia College graduate, when I’m not working, playing video games, or creating digital art I can be found watching cartoons, dancing at a local metal concert, or walking my mini dachshund. I live my life by rule 32 of Zombieland: Enjoy the little things/don’t sweat the small stuff.
Favorite Scary Movie: 28 Days Later
Favorite Video Game: Chrono Trigger
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: Sawed-off double barrel shotgun
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: Peppermint Butler


Marty Sound Design PortraitMARTY MEINERZ – Composer and Sound Designer

About: I graduated from Columbia College here in Chicago with a degree in Game Design with a Sound Concentration, and have been freelance composing and sound designer-ing ever since. When I’m not working on music for games, odds are I’m listening to music from games(a.k.a playing games all day), reading Sci-fi books, or daydreaming about being a cowboy…or maybe a guy that lives in space…or a space cowboy.
Favorite Scary Movie: Event Horizon
Favorite Video Game: The Mass Effect series
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: With a body like this who needs weapons? But seriously, probably A LOT of guns.
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: An army of well trained bears.


Angie PortraitANGIE GOELLER – Marketing Intern

About: I have a Psychology degree from University of Toledo and currently getting
another at (you guessed it) Columbia College in Advertising Art Direction.
When I’m not at school or working, I’m either playing video games,
cooking/baking, or watching the moving pictures.
Favorite Scary Movie: Gigli
Favorite Video Game: Anything Zelda
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: Sniper
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: Scott Pilgrim


Aileen portraitAILEEN DeJESUS – Web Designer

About: Hihi, I’m a 2008 graduate of Carthage College in Graphic Design with special interest in Web Development. I view myself as a casual gamer, but I have played Counter-strike competitively in LAN teams for several years. If I’m not being a workaholic, I am photographing inanimate objects, being crafty, and enjoy eating anything in sight.
Favorite Scary Movie: A Tale of Two Sisters
Favorite Video Game: currently it’s “Killing Floor”
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: Haruko’s bass guitar from “FLCL”
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: Beatrix Kiddo


Eddie portraitEDDIE EINIKIS – 2D Artist

About: I’m attending my last year in Columbia College and working on some projects
(like Box O Zombies!). I like to draw. I’m Lithuanian. I’ve legally raced
my car last summer (timed, not wheel to wheel).
Favorite Scary Movie: I don’t like scary movies
Favorite Video Game: RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 & 2
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: Sword of a Thousand Truths
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: Brucie from GTA


Amanda Marketing PortraitAMANDA PERRY – Marketing

About: I gradated from Robert Morris College in 2006 with a concentration in Graphic Design where I also played ice hockey. I love to play video games and go see the latest flick at the theater which works out great since I review a movie and video game on a podcast every week with my boyfriend Kent.
Favorite Scary Movie: Silence of the Lambs
Favorite Video Game: King’s Quest VI
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: Modified hockey stick with metal blade
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: Max Payne


don boraDON BORA – Principal/Technology and co-founder of Eight Bit Studios

About: I have been a Technologist in Chicago for over 20 years, diving deeply into mobile technoligies, specifically iOS 4 years ago. I’ve been working in Objective-C, that’s what the kids are calling it these days ‘cause that’s what the geezers called it in the late 80s, since 1992. I live tech, am an avid reader and a bit of a film buff. In addition to being a software engineer, I am also a linguist so I’m on fire at parties.
Favorite Scary Movie: Jaws
Favorite Video Game: I’m gonna go all modern and say Portal
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: Box-o-Brains
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: Lt. Cmdr Data from T.V.’s Star Trek, The Next Generation; The Terminator; and Jaws.


AnthonyANTHONY SIXTO – Art Director / Concept Artist

About: I graduated from Columbia College in Spring of 2011 with a degree in Game Art. I’m currently a contract artist working on various projects ranging from small animated shorts to triple A titles. I work as a illustrator, concept artist, 3D artists and occasionally an animator. I enjoy studying film and philosophy.
Favorite Scary Movie: Alien
Favorite Video Game: Metroid Prime
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: Tank
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: Ben Roethlisberger


RyanAnthonyBlakeRYAN BLAKE – 3D Artist

About: I am currently a character artist at Phosphor games where i sculpt, model, texture and setup characters for video games. I spend most of my time alone in a dark room with my Wacom. You can take that however you like it.
Favorite Scary Movie: Twilight
Favorite Video Game: Shaq Fu
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: Gandalf


 davidlaskeyDAVID LASKEY – Programmer

About: I’m currently a student at DePaul University studying Game Development Programming. Gaming is my favorite past-time, but making games is my passion. Outside of game dev I spend most of my time writing music and watching crappy movies on Netflix.
Favorite Scary Movie: Cabin in the Woods
Favorite Video Game: Gitaroo-Man
Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: The Master Sword
Who’s on my zombie apocalypse team: The Eagles from The Hobbit

Now that you’ve met us, leave some comments below and tell us about yourselves!

And if you feel like it, we’d really appreciate your help in spreading the word about our Box-O-Zombies Game and the Kickstarter!