Thanks for the C2E2 Love, See You Next Year!


Zombie cosplay in from of the box o zombies booth at c2e2 2013

Box O Zombies exhibited at C2E2 last weekend to give a peek under the hood of our upcoming game for iOS and to showcase the brand new Touchstone from Creative Proximity working with the enhanced line of Box O Zombies toys.

Nurse Zombie Limited Edition Green Painted NFC Collectible from Box O Zombies

Con attendees who stopped by the booth for a song and dance from our developers (featuring Shawn’s corny jokes), were introduced to the NFC collectible figures crafted for the Box O Zombies game and got to see first hand how the figures are used to create enhanced gameplay and add additional strategic elements to the game.

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We were thrilled with the positive feedback on our game as well as the “game” changing NFC Touchstone. We can’t thank you enough for your support. Be sure to keep an eye out right here at for information on how you can get into the beta and help support the project if you were unable to attend the C2E2 festivities.  If you are interested in learning more about the Touchstone, NFC Toys, or how other game and app developers can integrate the Touchstone into their next project, visit the Creative Proximity site.

An army of c2e2 exclusive figures, zombiebook guys

Our convention exclusive figure, Zomicbook Guy, was very popular, along with other available products for sale like the Founder’s Set which included the Touchstone and (3) limited edition bronze and green painted figures. We want to thank everyone who made a purchase, as you all are helping to support the remaining development of the game.

The founder's set includes nathaniel tinkerton and lt rachel sota in bronze and the nurse zombie in green, also a touchstone from creative proximity

A congratulations to our two giveaway winners who were notified earlier this week of their incoming prizes. One lucky supporter who purchased a Touchstone is getting a brand new iPad Mini and a new Pixelite who signed up for Pixeldom on the convention floor will be getting the grand prize package of a Touchstone, the (3) limited edition figures AND an iPad Mini!

tim seeley interview at box o zombies booth c2e2 2013 pixeldom live broadcast

Also, you may have noticed the Pixeldom Broadcast Station at our booth where Tim and Emilia held video interviews that were broadcasted live throughout the event, along with Pixeldom’s other live channel that featured some of the panels you may have missed from the convention hall.

Until we meet again, we leave you with some always fun to look at, cosplay photos and more!


Box O Zombies at C2E2

Come see us at C2E2 Booth #1018!

Come visit us and see what we’re up to. The artwork has been submitted to printers for flyers, t-shirts, booth graphics, posters, etc.  C2E2 is just a few days away!

Box O Zombies Trade Show Booth Mockup Duo Display Rendering

Box O Zombies booth 1018 C2E2 floor plan

Demo the Game
Box O Zombies Game Logo iPad and touchstone icon and figure silhouette

Play a demo of the Box O Zombies Game. Setup camp and get ready for a zombie attack! Want to see even more? Place one of the NFC enabled figures on the touchstone to unlock extra content.  Pick our brains (just don’t eat them) about what’s to come in the BoZ franchise!

Watch the Pixeldom Live Broadcastpixeldom live ustream broadcast tower logo

Pixeldom will be live broadcasting right from our booth! If you can’t make it to the show, make sure you tune into the Pixeldom Live UStream where you can catch the live stream of interviews, panels, or a view of our booth! You can also signup for a Pixeldom account which you’ll use to earn currency in the Box O Zombies game and to use at the Pixeldom Store!
Live from the Booth:
Live Panel Coverage:

Meet the Developers

Yes, we’re a small team. And most of use will be there at some point working the floor. If you have questions about the story, the NFC touchstone, the artwork, or gameplay, you’ll get answers straight from the source of those doing the work.

Get the Convention Exclusive Zombicbook Guy Collectible Figure

zomicbook guy  concept art for con exclusive figure at c2e2Zomic
You’ve seen him through his development of sketch to 3D model, now take home a piece of the convention and get your very own con exclusive Zomicbook Guy figure! He’s NFC enabled so when the game is released you can expect some pretty awesome unlocks that will only be available to those who pick him up at our booth.

Get Access to the Box O Zombies Game Alpha

The game’s not final yet! Help us get there by getting into the alpha. Test, break, and make suggestions for the BoZ game. You can get alpha access to the game by purchasing a Touchstone, any of the figures, or by purchasing a classic Box O Zombies set!

Enter to Win Prizes!

More details coming soon.