I Saw Mommy Biting Santa Claus

Looks like Santa went down the wrong chimney this holiday. Check out this Zombified Santa created by the Box O Zombies team. This creepy Mr. Claus will be a full flesh figure with in-game content and is available through pledging the Box O Zombies game on Kickstarter.

The Box O Zombies game began with Shawn Recinto’s Box O Zombies figures. Recinto was influenced by his own children’s toys to create 2 inch Zombie figures that resonate the little green army men we all enjoy. He is now collaborating with Eight Bit Studios, NFC Data, and Pixeldom to create the Box O Zombies game. The game evolves around the player building and defending his camp from Zombie hoards. With NFC chip technology, the Zombie Santa and other figures will trigger exclusive in-game content with a simple scan.

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Seasons Eatings,
The Box O Zombies Team
Undead Box O Zombies Santa Figure Concept Art

Undead Santa Concept Art from Anthony Sixto

Undead Zombie Santa 3D Model WIP for limited edition figure in red

Undead Santa 3D model for NFC Figure, WIP from Ryan Blake



A Very Zombie Christmas [Kickstarter Update]

Evil Undead Zombie Santa Concept Art for Box-O-Zombies Game NFC Figure

Happy Holidays from the Box-O-Zombies Team! A New $10 Pledge Level has been added! Pledge today to get your Exclusive NFC Collectible Zombie Santa Kickstarter figure.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re getting in the holiday spirit with our Zombie Santa exclusive Kickstarter figure! Ever wonder what happens to Kris Kringle when you don’t feed him his cookies and milk? Wonder no more with this exclusive holiday flavored zombie.

Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean Santa wont be making his way to your town. Our Zombie Santa is coming to eat your brain whether you’re naughty or nice. Complete with in game content and special Christmas bonuses, this limited edition figure will be included with all pledges with the exception of the JUST A FLESH WOUND level.

We’re also pleased to announce A VERY ZOMBIE CHRISTMAS pledge level. For $10 you get a digital copy of the game when it releases and your very own Zombie Santa. You’ll still need to buy an NFC reader or the full Box-O-Zombies game to get the in game Santa content, but you’ll have a Zombie Santa figure to keep you company all year long.

We’ve got some early concept art to share today and we’ll be showing off our finalized concepts over the next few days including an early render of the actual figure. Happy Holidays from the BoZ team!

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