Thanks for Having Us, Chicago Experimental Game Developers

Thanks to everyone that made it out to Cibola in the heavy traffic and rain last Friday. Check out some photos of the event on the Meetup Page.

Until someone posts the video from the event, check out this demo of the NFC Touchstone working with the 3D printed SLA for Nathaniel Tinkerton.

Patrick, from Patched Reality sparked a lot buzz and interest in Augmented Reality. We got to see some great examples of games that already use augmented reality technology, many of which he created himself, as well as discussed the future of augmented reality and gaming. He even had a pair of augmented reality glasses that looked much like Google Glass.

Kent and Shawn got up there and shared with the group their history and showed the few trailers available for the other NFC games out on the market, Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Another game that was recently announced to use the NFC in the WiiU controller, is Pokémon Rumble U.

And now to talk about Box O Zombies the game. Box O Zombies is a tower defense and civilization building game for iOS. NFC connectible collectible figures can be purchased separately that are replicas of characters in the game. These figures, when used with the Touchstone, will unlock abilities, power-ups, resources and more with the power of NFC. Kent demos, for the first time anywhere, the white SLA figures with NFC chips. It interacts with the Touchstone and unlocks Nathaniel Tinkerton in the game, as shown by the animation on the iPad.

Showing this to a group of Chicago game developers, we are excited to see the interest of others who want to integrate NFC into their own games. The details aren’t solid yet, but the Touchstone

NFC device will be available for use with other games outside of those that Creative Proximity makes themselves, enabling NFC for all!

NFC touchstone bluetooth device and 3 zombie 3d printed sla figures non painted white

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